Residential program

RHM is concerned with the "total person".  The program is structured to address each person's spiritual, mental, physical, social, and education needs.

Spiritually: RHM views the student's problems as symptoms, which relate to deeper issues and conflicts.  We believe real healing is experienced when spiritual needs are met.  It is the power of God that gives one the ability to deal with problems and live a successful life.

Mentally: The healing of the abused mind is of key importance.  The consistent study of the Bible enhances mental growth by serving as the foundation for the restructuring of negative, worldly patterns, and for creating a new and stable way of life.  

Physically: RHM provides for the students' physical needs by offering shelter, food, clothing, and recreational exercise.  

Socially: Through group living, the students are helped to work out relational problems and to relate more successfully to family, peers, and authority figures.  This social interaction promotes growth of character, enhances development of right attitudes and desires, and leads toward moral excellence.  

Educationally:  RHM provides a structured 9 month residential Christian education designed to enhance the whole person and a 3 month transitional program.